HAYABUSA Anodized Fairing Bolts Presents:

BUSA 1300 Fairing Fasteners

Hayabusa Fairing Bolts are designed as aftermarket replacements of oem body fairing fasteners. Our fairing bolts are not specifically designed to match the original equipment provided by the manufacture, but rather to replace and / or improve upon the OEM fairing fasteners. The objective in each fastener kit is to achieve an easy installation, "basically effortless" and helping you create your ideal custom look.

We carry many styles in chrome finish, black powder coat, and many anodized colors, and for you stunt or street racers, we carry quick release fairing screws.

Don't forget to checkout our custom hayabusa wind screen bolts!


We carry metal clips, compression nuts, metric bolts, and windscreen bolts:

  •  Suzuki Hayabusa 1300  

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